Most predominant gift is parents;
Most predominant jewel is education;
Most predominant thing is water;
Most predominant word is love;
Those predominant stuffs
Rules the world.

Real beauty

Beauty rules the world;
   Admires all;
Creates envy in heart;
Real beauty mercy"

Today's education

It becomes trade,
It creates corruption;
It becomes ego,
It creates terrorism;
Is this education needed?!....

To my friends

We are born with difference,
  But with same thoughts.
They do good deeds,
  Without any expectation.
Friends are the only treasure,
  Understanding us without any profit

Power of thoughts

Thoughts have a power;
   Power creates impact;
Impact makes us work;
  Work changes as hard work;
Hard work reaches
       the destiny…


Insult determines dream;
  Dream determines action;
Action determines destiny;
  Destiny determines
the “success”