Real pain

Pain of liar is small,
Pain of believer is more.
Pain of betraying is less,
Pain of believing betrayal…
Is enormous.
Please don’t be a traitor,
    Be a human.


Compare yourself with
You’re superior
You will realize the place
Where you are;
It makes to attain
Compare yourself with
You’re inferior
You will find,
How much blessed
You are


Real enemy never  Let you sleep.Real enemy never  Let you free.Real enemy makes  Your desire to attainSuccess.Respect your enemy
   More than a friend.

My college

Place of Unity
Place of Humour
Place of Estacy
Place of Knowledge
Place of Interest
Place of Honour
Place of Humanity &
The place...
    Where I identified the real me.


Four letter word
People works for it everyday.
Four letter word
People do anything for this.
This four letter word
Even change ones fate.
Has created many Revolutions.
And that is FOOD.

My cutie pie

O ! my god,
Her pretty looks...
Heavenly beauty...Today
She becomes
Mine...My honey brunch
Shines more than...
A diamond .I am proud to see,
As she sparkles in
Everyone’s eyes.
She is mine...only mine.

My Brother

That one creature...Who always irritates me...!
Who always teases me...!
Who always steals things from me...!But he is the one,Who always loves me...!
Who always care for me...!
Who always stands behind me...!No matter,
He is elder or younger,
Tall or short,
Handsome or fluffy,
Intelligent or idiot,
Famous or one among hundreds.He is still MY brother.