People call them as
Members of Parliament
They're not so...
Only for name not for working
They care for their fame
Not for people.They fight for movies
Not for poverty
This is real INDIA.


Yes! I’m adamant
     But give off when I wish
I’m arrogant but
     I become tender when needed.
  I’m stout and rough, with
      Beauty in heart.
  I know what I’m doing
      And the result is mine.
  I don’t want to change...
      But surroundings try to change me
  I’m sure I won’t because,
     I’m the real me
The predominant women.


Corruption in fund;
Corruption in food;
Corruption in education;
Corruption in entertainment;
At last corruption in man's life..
Is anything exist without corruptions?

Masters of the world

You are the one who loves all;
You are the one who admires all;
You are the one who motivates all;
You are the one who tolerate all;
And you are the one who,
Is our second parent?
This is none other than TEACHERS.


You make me relax in
Moody time;
I listen to you when I am
I admire you when I am
You always deserve a place
In Heart;
Guess who is she?
It is you my dear, melody…

A lesson

Everyone teaches a lesson,
Lesson gives the knowledge,
Knowledge gives the experience,
Experience gives a new life,
So remain patience and achieve
the goal